National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry


Article I - Seal, Colors, Insignia, Motto

SECTION 1. The Society, an honor society for women in chemistry and closely allied fields, shall be known as Iota Sigma Pi, or, ΙΣΠ or the Society.

SECTION 2. The Society shall have a gold seal which shall consist of the device of a circle with the letters "ΙΣΠ" in the center and the words "IOTA SIGMA PI" on the top of the circle and words "Founded in 1902" along the bottom of the circle.

SECTION 3. The colors of ΙΣΠ shall be cedar green, white, and gold.

SECTION 4. The insignia of ΙΣΠ shall be a pin or key. This pin or key symbolizes the entire spectrum of chemistry. Organic and biochemistry are represented by two symbols: the benzene ring which forms the outside of the key and the two diamonds, pure carbon, located above and below the letters “ΙΣΠ” in the center of the benzene ring. Inorganic chemistry is represented by two ancient alchemist symbols: the crescents which signify silver, the imperfect metal, located above and below the diamonds, and the circles which signify gold, the perfect metal, encircling the diamonds.

SECTION 5. The motto of the Society shall be "Chemia Adelphae Prokope," signifying "Sisterhood for the Advancement of Chemistry."