National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry



All members are assigned to a local chapter within her metropolitan area. If she resides outside of these areas, she is assigned to the virtual group, Members-at-Large. Members consist of professional women, post-docs, emeritus, graduate and undergraduates students. Iota Sigma Pi highly encourages chapter programming to provide networking/mentoring opportunities for local communities.

A - Molybdenum, 1981
I - Americium, 1968
Ruthenium, 1974
A - Vanadium, 1965
I - Columbium, 1947
I - Manganese, 1951
Technetium, 1987
Palladium, 1930
Curium, 1973
Polonium, 1937
Scandium, 1989
Osmium, 1963
Phosphorous, 1917
Samarium, 1978
Indium, 1930
Iridium, 1926
Iodine, 1918
Nitrogen, 1912
Kalium, 1924
Helium, 1921
Platinum, 1924
Tungsten, 1918
Oxygen, 1911
Carbon, 1913
Sulfur, 1914


Historically, two types of chapters were installed: Academic and Metropolitan. Currently all chapters are Metropolitan, and only Metropolitan chapters shall be installed.

1. Academic chapters were university or college based, and their members were composed mainly of students, post-doctoral research fellows/associates/assistants, and faculty. These chapters are entirely situated in an academic environment. No chapters are currently Academic ones.
2. Metropolitan chapters include members recruited from beyond as well as within the university/college environment. Members may be from universities/colleges, industry, government, secondary schools, and other professions. All new installed chapters will be Metropolitan Chapters.

Several chapters still have the majority of the members from academics but they have now opened their chapters to include other qualified members. Scroll down to see the currently active chapters. Meet the officers, get an idea of their activities and current events, link to their Chapter page or Facebook.


Members at large are members who are not near a home chapter. These ladies make up about half of our membership, but don't let the fact that they are dispersed make you think they aren't organized! Check out their website and newsletter to catch up on the Members At Large!

ARGENTUM - Blue Ridge Region, VA

Our organization covers over 150 miles from Harrisonburg on the northern end of the area to Radford at the southern tip. Each year we hold a meeting in the fall to discuss chapter business and conduct our initiation ceremony. Our goal is to recognize and encourage the efforts of our outstanding women chemistry undergraduate students. We also strive to demonstrate the advantages of strong connections with other women in chemistry-related fields.

President: Brycelyn Boardman, [email protected]

AURUM - Iowa State University, IA

During the last three years we have maintained what have become traditional activities and programs while occasionally testing new ideas, some of which have become new traditions for our chapter. A shared Google Calendar is very helpful for those who use it, though we need to survey users to determine what current and prospective members find the most useful. This year we were able to host a speaker by splitting costs with the local ACS section to bring a former ACS president to visit. We successfully applied for funding through the graduate student government, and therefore have sufficient funds set aside to host a speaker independently next year. Members are also encouraged to nominate speakers for the department to host.

President: Allison White, [email protected]


The Chicagoland Chapter is primarily composed of professional members and has meetings once a month during the academic year. Meetings are typically held at an area restaurant and involve a social/networking time, dinner, dessert, and a speaker of general interest. One social event per year ranges from star parties to architectural tours or coffee meet-ups. The triennium goals include growing student membership through institutional clubs and professional development opportunities.

President: Tanya Hunter, [email protected]



CALCIUM - Irvine, CA

Every year over the past three years we have had three great outreach opportunities: National Chemistry Week at the Santa Ana Zoo geared toward loacl K-12 kids, Ask-A-Scientist Night aimed toward helping kids with their science fair projects, and the UCI Waygoose Festival in which we made our own lip balm. Furthermore, we initiated a new outreach program in 2013 with Girls Incorporated of Orange County to inspire young girls to become interested in science. Our career seminar series has been a great success the past three years and in the fall of 2013 we hosted a COACh workshop in Strategic Performance. Our plans to increase and maintain membership have most recently been aided by hosting a monthly "Coffee Chat" to foster mentorship and promote informal discussion between graduate students.

President: Caitlin Bannan, [email protected]

CHLORINE - New Orleans / Baton Rouge, LA

Each year thre gneral meetings and one officers planning meeting have been held. The general meetings are typically held in October, Jan-Feb, and April-May. The planning meeting is held in Sept-Oct. The number of attendees at the meetings range from 5-24. The Chlorine Chapter is involved in numerous service projects each year. These projects include Monster Mash, Super Science Saturday, Girl Scouts Science Day, Science Olympiad, and many local, regional, and state science fairs.

President: Revati Kumar, [email protected]

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The Einsteinium Chapter has continued to grow and become more involved in servicen and education. This is a relatively young chapter, celebrating our 10 year anniversary (or birthday, if you wish) on April 25, 2014. We have professional members and student members, both undergraduate and graduate students. The students attending Oral Roberts University have been especially active in the community helping with laboratory clean-up and chemical inventory in a small nearby high school, demonstrations in local elementary schools and a presentation at a local private high school concerning careers in science. The University of Tulsa members participated in the Brownie Day (shepherded by Dr. Christi Luks, a professor in Chemical Engineering at TU), held at TU in the fall of 2013. This event included demonstrations by chemists, geologists, physicists, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, and mechanical engineers.

President: Marissa Schmauch, [email protected]

FLUORINE - Cleveland, OH

The annual Initiation Ceremony for new members has been one of the primary activities, along with outreach to female students in the form of scholarships, awards, and chemistry demonstrations. Various social activities are typically planned to enable members to network, socialize, recruit new members, and become more involved. We also continue to partner with the Cleveland Section of the American Chemical Society when appropriate. The chapter has implemented several methods for determining the activities that current and potential members are interested in.

President: Anna Cronin, [email protected]

HYDROGEN - University of California, at Berkeley, CA

The Hydrogen Chapter holds many events regularly, including our annual First Year Mixer, Choosing a Research Group Panel, and the Women in Science Tea. These events continue to be successful, with a great turnout of about 50 people to help provide networking opportunites for the undergraduate and graduate students at the University of California at Berkeley. We often hold brown bag lunches with faculty and staff scientists where students are able to learn about their career options. We continue to collaborate with Expanding Your Horizons to set up science workshops for middle school girls and have strengthened ties with other science organizations in the Bay Area. We hope to maintain a close relationship with the Bay Area ACS section ans Women Chemists Committee through promotion and participation of their events. In order to increase participation, we started an article club to discuss women's issues in an open atmosphere and many members enjoy this forum.

President: Alexis Shusterman, [email protected]

IRON - Greensboro, NC

The Iron Chapter was chartered on November 16, 2011 with 30 new members, 2 former members, and 2 Members-at-Large. During the following two years, we accepted 14 new applicationsfor membership and inducted a total of 16 new members. The Iron Chapter has participated in events such as the National Chemistry Week Girl Scouts Event (Colfax, NC), the NC Science Saturday Expo at the University of Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC) and Fe ISP Speed Networking Social Event at North Carolina A&T State University (Greensboro, NC). The first three years since chartering of the Fe chapter have been met with excitement as the activities have included quarterly meetings, 'happy hour' social events, and community service events.

President: Margaret Kanipes-Spinks, [email protected]

LANTAHNUM - Lynchburg, VA

The Lanthanum chapter was founded by women chemists on the faculty at three of the Lynchburg, VA area colleges, Lynchburg College, Sweet Briar College, and Randolph College (formerly Randolph-Macon Woman's College) in 1998. The Lanthanum name (La) was chosen as a representation of the Lynchburg area served by the chapter. This year marked our seventeenth initiation ceremony. Our three colleges have strong ties to one another. Annually the three Departments of Chemistry meet to hear their senior students report on research projects, preceded by an informal dinner. The presence of the La chapter of Iota Sigma Pi has made our departments even closer and has provided us a means for recognizing student excellence and promise in chemistry, both through our chapter interactions, and the book awards we regularly make to our local science fairs.

President: Pam Simpson, [email protected]


Over the past several years, the Murcury chapter has undergone a change in leadership with several new officers beign elected. Currently the chapter has focused mainly on recruiting new student members from affiliated colleges and universities in the area. We typically initiate 5-10 new members each spring in an initation ceremony planned and carried out by the chapter officers. Graduating ISP members are provided a pin and cord to wear at graduation. The chapter has also recognized an outstanding graduating senior with an ISP award and small monetary gift. We hope to expand our activities in the areas of social outreach to members and professional development.

President: Dr. Annalisa Jordan, [email protected]







PLUTONIUM - Purdue University, IN

Our chapter goal is to support, encourage, and motivate female graduate students by providing an arrary of events throughout the year varying between academic and social activities to outreach opportunities. In continuing the tradition of the Plutonium Chapter, we have been very strong in our outreach activities, continuing to participate in National Chemistry Week, and expanding our involvement with Girl Scouts' Day of Discovery. (Find pictures of our 2014 outreach events for National Chemistry Week on the Mini Grants page.) Our website is the best source for our current and future members to find out about upcoming events and general information about the chapter. In addition we have a Facebook page to help promote our events.

President: Heather Siebert, [email protected]


Over the past several years, Promethium has provided scholarships to women chemistry majors from local universities. We also participate in judging the area-wide science fair and we have annualy awarded an Iota Sigma Pi certificate, one of Perky's books (Priscilla Joan Kilbourn, a longtime member), and a $50 check to the best chemistry-related science fair project by a female high school student. We typically hold three member meetings annually at a local hotel and the turnout is reasonably good, as we enjoy meeting with each other. The program is either a presentation by one of our undergraduate scholarship winners or it is provided by one of our members.

President: Angela Hoffman, [email protected]

RADIUM - Cincinnati, OH

Th Radium Chapter is represented by approximately 20 members who are active in the fields of academia, consulting, government and industry. In past years we have invited members, potential members and members of the general public as guest speakers to our meetings and to our annual wine tasting. We also sponsored awards for The University of Cincinnati Science and Engineering Expo.

Contact: Jennifer Johnson, [email protected]


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