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Iota Sigma Pi Membership Criteria


There are many benefits to joining Iota Sigma Pi. The following is a list of some of the benefits of membership in Iota Sigma Pi as formulated by the membership of the Plutonium Chapter:
  • Professional Development
    • opportunity to practice for scientific talks in front of a supportive audience
    • shared advice on job search techniques
    • opportunity for local and national recognition through Iota Sigma Pi awards
  • Friendships and Social Opportunities
    • support
    • shared concerns
    • meeting women in other areas of chemistry and related fields
  • National and Local Networking
    • job opportunities
    • a feeling of connection with other women chemists you have never met because of your shared bond through Iota Sigma Pi
    • interaction with prominent women chemists
  • Service Opportunities



Members are elected on the basis of scholastic and/or professional record. Those eligible for election are as follows:

Article I - Eligibility for Membership

SECTION 1 - Any woman who meets the requirements set forth in any of the following sections and is pursuing or has received a degree in chemistry or in a science closely related to chemistry at any accredited institution offering at least a baccalaureate in that field is eligible for membership. A science may be considered closely related to chemistry when the equivalent of 6 semesters of chemistry are required for the curriculum and the principles of chemistry are used to investigate and interpret areas of research in the discipline. Each candidate for membership is expected to maintain a high standard of scientific conduct and possess character and reputation that are distinct assets to the Society.

SECTION 2 - Undergraduate Students

To be eligible, the student must

  1. have completed at least four semesters (or equivalent) of chemistry with an average of 3.5 or above on a 4.0 system or have completed at least six semesters of chemistry (or equivalent) with an average of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 system. Four semesters of chemistry typically includes two courses of general chemistry with laboratory and two courses of organic chemistry with laboratory. Six Semesters of chemistry includes additional courses such as biochemistry, analytical, or physical chemistry. Courses taken as AP, IB, or CLEP can apply to the six semesters but not to the four semesters.

  2. have an overall academic average grade point of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 system.

SECTION 3 - Graduate Students

To be eligible, the student must

  1. have met the requirements in Article I, Section 2 or have completed successfully at least nine semester hours (or equivalent) of graduate study in chemistry or a field closely related to chemistry and have a grade point average of 3.0 (out of 4.0)

  2. not be on probation of any kind.

SECTION 4 - Professional Applicants

To be eligible, the applicant must

  1. have met the requirements in Article I, Section 2 or Article I, Section 3 or

  2. hold a Ph.D. in chemistry or field closely related to chemistry or

  3. hold a baccalaureate or masters degree in chemistry or field closely related to chemistry and have a three year employment history in chemistry or a field where the principles of chemistry are important or

  4. have a five year employment history in chemistry or a field where the principles of chemistry are important.




Student Member Application (word or pdf) .   [Handwritten forms will not be accepted.]
Student members MUST submit transcripts.

Professional Member Application (word or pdf).  
[Handwritten forms will not be accepted.]
Professional members MUST submit CVs.

Which box is checked in the upper right?

If you can meet the qualification for membership and are interested in becoming an Iota Sigma Pi member, please print and fill out the appropriate form and return it, with one year's membership dues ($20 for students, $55 for professionals) and a one time initiation fee of $25, made out to Iota Sigma Pi to your local chapter treasurer or a National Director:

Director for Professional Awards
Nancy Eddy Hopkins
   Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology
   Tulane University
   2000 Stern Hall
   6400 Freret Street
   New Orleans, LA 70118
   504-862-3162 (w)
   504-865-6785 (fax)


Director for Student Awards
Jill Granger
Chemistry Department
   Sweet Briar College
   206 Guion Science Center
   Sweet Briar, VA 24595
   (434) 381-6166 - chemistry
   (434) 381-6205 - dean's office
   (434) 381-6488 - fax


The Iota Sigma Pi national website is maintained by Christine Hermann, Radford University, Radford, VA. 

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