National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry



Download the Guidelines for Starting a New Chapter.

1. A minimum of six women scientists (students, faculty, business professional) who are ISP members or who qualify for membership must petition for a charter. Qualifications for membership and application forms may be found on the Become a Member page.

2. An acting chapter liaison to be in charge of arrangements for obtaining the charter should be named. She will communicate with the National Council through the National Vice President and will handle all correspondences for the chartering process. If the liaison is a student, she must provide the name of a permanent faculty or staff member who will serve as a sponsor for the chapter. This will ensure stability of the chapter.

3. Petitioners must provide 12 copies of the final petition with proper signatures to the Vice President. Copies should include the signed petition (with signatures of charter members and proposed name of the chapter) and appropriate attachments for each prospective member: 1) application for membership 2) individual membership fees 3) curriculum vitae for professionals or transcripts for students.

4. The petition should include general information on the region from which the members will come (colleges, universities, research institutes and chemical industries). The petition should include at least one paragraph describing the element chosen to represent the chapter and a reason why it was chosen. All chapters are to be organized as metropolitan chapters. If the chapter is to be headquartered at a specific academic or industrial institution, a proposed plan for how the charter members will outreach to other institutions and chemists in the area must be included.

5. Letters of recommendation for the establishment of the chapter from Department Chairs and Deans of local area universities and colleges and Industrial Department Leaders and/or Managers may be included with the petition.

6. The Vice President will review the petition and, if complete, send copies to each member of National Council for approval.

7. Officers (descriptions detailed in the ISP Rules and Regulations) must be selected prior to the installation and initiation ceremony. The visiting National Council member will install the officers at this ceremony.

CONTACT the National Vice President for details before submitting any material.

The National Vice President must receive the above information and documentation AT LEAST one month prior to when you plan to have your official installation ceremony. National Council must have time to review and vote on your petition, membership applications must be processed and certificates made and sent out, and plans made for a member of National Council to be present at your initiation and installation ceremony.

National Council is very excited about your interest in Iota Sigma Pi! Please feel free to contact the National Vice President with any questions!